Coldnoise und EGES

Coldnoise traf meinen Nerv

Musik für den Film "Moneron 2"

Für die Musik vielen Dank an: Jaroslav Vyhnička aus der Slowakei

"Jaroslav Vyhnička is solo producer from Slovakia.He start making music under the name ,,Coldnoise" in 2012. Under this name released some production in ,,RedSeaTranceRecord"
album Mystery Of Lies , Alley Of Crows and EP Dreams & Reality. After this released free albums in Free Music Archive, in 2013 Tales For Mind and 2014 album Who We Are.
In 2015 start working under the real name as soundtrack composer. He thanks a lot Alexandre Guiraud who learn him and cooperate in lot of projects. These are e.g. : Wumpscut remix competition (second place on the album Blutspukertavern) album Outlandish from Sub Pub Music (trakc Infinity), or project life instrumental album Tears of Winter for Sub Pub Music. ​
In 2016 cooperation with Alexandre Guiraud continued...."